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Cuban Sandwich

Cuban Sandwich

Really Good bread - ciabatta or turkish pide
Ham slices - between 4 - 8 depending on thickness
Bacon - streaky cooked until nice and crunchy
Pork belly - roasted and sliced.
Swiss Cheese Slices
Sandwich Pickles
362 Grillhouse Spicy American Deli Mustard

Cut your bread open lengthways to open up into two large pieces. Butter and get ready to layer up your ingredients

  1. Mustard
  2. Cheese slices
  3. pickles
  4. meats

    Press down and pop into the toasted sandwich press to cook through until the cheese starts to melt.
    Once cooked through, cut into desired pieces - can be cut right down to small bite sizes if you use very flat bread and don't overfill.
    And of course - washed down with a great Bourbon & Bacon Bloody Mary is quite nice too!

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