• Turkey Salad With Pawpaw & Cashew Chutney

    Turkey Salad With Pawpaw & Cashew Chutney
    4 cups roasted turkey or chicken3 stalks of celery diced4 spring onions finely sliced1 cup seedless green grapes1/2 cup sultanas1 jar Wild Country Pawpaw & Cashew Chutney1 cup plain yoghurt1 cup lite mayonnaise - I use Best Foods if I don't have any homemade available2 teaspoons curry powder Mix yoghurt, chutney, mayonnaise and curry powder together. Add dressing to the shredded poultry, celery,...
  • Cuban Sandwich

    Cuban Sandwich
    Really Good bread - ciabatta or turkish pideButterHam slices - between 4 - 8 depending on thicknessBacon - streaky cooked until nice and crunchyPork belly - roasted and sliced.Swiss Cheese SlicesSandwich Pickles362 Grillhouse Spicy American Deli Mustard Cut your bread open lengthways to open up into two large pieces. Butter and get ready to layer up your ingredients Mustard Cheese slices pickles meats...
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