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Pizza Toppings

Pizza Toppings

Wild Country Cranberry Orange & Port Sauce

  • Smoked chicken breast, thin slices of red onion & brie cheese
  • Confit of duck shredded & pizza blend cheese.
  • Roast pork belly & Gouda cheese.

Wild Country Roast Tomato & Cumin Chutney

  • Smoked chicken breast, grated Mozzarella
  • Flaked hot Smoked salmon & pizza blend cheese
  • Prawn, red onion & pizza blend cheese.
  • Shredded roast lamb & goats cheese.

Wild Country Onion Balsamic Marmalata

  • Smoked chicken & Bocconcini cheese
  • Blue cheese, pear & walnut. Garnished with rocket
  • Rare steak & blue cheese
  • Pulled Pork & pizza blend cheese
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