• Pizza Dough - Makes 4 Bases

    Pizza Dough - Makes 4 Bases
    A tip is to make the dough a day before you want to use it and store in the fridge once it's doubled in size, punch it down and store. Can be divided into 4, wrapped in cling film and frozen until ready to use as well. 4 tsp dried yeast450g plain flour1 tsp sugar1 tsp salt4 Tbsp olive oil220ml water If using...
  • Red Duck Curry

    Red Duck Curry
    2 Tablespoons vegetable oil2 tablespoons red curry paste2 Tablespoons Wild Country Chilli & Orange Marmalata6 fresh kaffir lime leaves (you can use dried or frozen)*100g cubed pumpkin2 Tablespoons palm sugar2 Tablespoons fish sauce2 cups coconut cream1 Chinese roast duck cut into pieces*(or substitute chicken thigh meat and add a teaspoon of Chinese five spice into the recipe when you are frying the pumpkin...
  • Stuffed Pork Fillet With Old English Pub Mustard

    Stuffed Pork Fillet With Old English Pub Mustard
    Pork Fillets get good thick fillets - allow 120g per personKapiti Chevre Iti Goats Cheese – Cut into 1cm thick logs100g Spinach or Silverbeet leaves, trimmed & washed.3 – 4 Tablespoons Black olive tapenade½ cup white wineWild Country Old English Pub MustardKumara mash to serveSteam or microwave the greens for a couple of minutes to just wilt them. When cool enough to handle,...
  • Corned Beef With Chardonnay Mustard

    Corned Beef With Chardonnay Mustard
    1.2kg piece of corned beef (if you can get a butcher made one that is natural, these are the best)2 bay leaves6 whole black peppercorns3 whole cloves1 onion, sliced with skin left onWild Country Old English Pub MustardPlace the bay leaves, spices and onion slices in the bottom of your crockpot. Put the rinsed corned beef on top then add sufficient water to...
  • BBQ Leg Of Lamb With Chilli Beetroot Relish

    BBQ Leg Of Lamb With Chilli Beetroot Relish
    1.75 – 2kg leg of lamb carvery leg or boned.¼ cup lemon juice3 – 4 strips of lemon rind, chopped½ cup Olive Oila handful of oregano leaves, washed, destalked and chopped1 teaspoon of maldon sea saltfreshly ground pepper1 cup white wine Place lamb in a large non corrosive dish and pour lemon juice over, turning lamb to coat. Combine oil, oregano, salt and...
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